"The wheat will grow even more plentiful and the fields will spread further and further across the state because now there are faster ways to prepare the land."

- John Deere Days 1961 Promotion
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The King's Challenge: A Quest for Eternal Life 

A young man entering adulthood sets out to complete the King of Hornery’s challenge: find a remedy for death…eternal life. With the aid of two powerful yet secretive wizards, our hero, Matt, sets out on this adventure to find that the King’s challenge won’t be easy. Infiltrating Ork territory, deceiving Elves, doing business with Dwarves, and outsmarting a Dragon all become essential to completing the challenge. However, nothing is as straightforward as it sounds. 

Farm Landscaping
“Anybody can write a book. But writing it well and making it sell - that's the hard part.”
― Jay Taylor, Author 

The King's Challenge: A Call to Battle

The King of Hornery’s challenge, which was a quest for eternal life, may have done nothing more than uncover a curse. One that could threaten the Known World. The King must then issue a new challenge to bring the realms of Men, Dwarves, and Elves together for a common goal. Usually mistrustful of each other, all are in danger and will have to work in concert if they want to avoid destruction. It will take nothing short of powerful magic, careful strategy, and the Humans’ knowledge of engineering to forge a pact among them and save the Known World.
"I was born in the Chinese year of the rooster, so maybe that explains my affinity with chickens."

- Adriano Zumbo, Chef

This book was developed as an activity book in which one collects specific holy cards and places them inside of the book where appropriate. The first five holy cards focus on the Rosary and the four mysteries of the Rosary. The Rosary is an inspiration to loving meditation on the Mysteries of Our Lord Jesus as you address Our Blessed Lady in petition and thanksgiving. You will explore Our Blessed Mother at various times over the past few centuries. You will learn how she has appeared before various people and will learn of the messages she brought to them. Saints, the miracles they performed, and how their lives helped shape Catholicism. Twenty examples from thousands of saints are featured and should set you down the path to learning about them all.
"A wise man once said to forget how to dig the soil, tend the Earth, is to forget ourselves."

― Farming Simulator 22, Video Game