"The wheat will grow even more plentiful and the fields will spread further and further across the state because now there are faster ways to prepare the land."

- John Deere Days 1961 Promotion
Answers For Authors
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What Literature Genre Does Land Literature, LLC. Accept? 
The great thing about the fiction genre is that it is very diverse. We specialize in most fiction types related to action and adventure, fantasy, sci-fi, and romance. If your fictional work is not listed in our specialty types, or unknown, then have no worry. We still want to talk to you about your manuscript.
Farm Landscaping
“Anybody can write a book. But writing it well and making it sell - that's the hard part.”
― Jay Taylor, Author 

Does Land Literature, LLC. Require an Agent? 
We do not require you to have an agent. We are committed to providing service to beginning authors. We encourage you, the author, to personally contact us. We believe in having an one-on-one relationship with our authors during the entire editing and publishing process.
Where Do I Submit My Manuscript? 
The first step in manuscript submission is contacting us through our contact us page. Have your digital manuscript available upon request.
"I was born in the Chinese year of the rooster, so maybe that explains my affinity with chickens."

- Adriano Zumbo, Chef
Does Land Literature, LLC. Charge Any Service Fees? 
We do not charge any service fees to our authors. We do encourage our authors to promote their work. Most promotion methods for new authors are free. Any author that is published through us will be assisted throughout the marketing phase.
"A wise man once said to forget how to dig the soil, tend the Earth, is to forget ourselves."

― Farming Simulator 22, Video Game
Who are the Distributors of Land Literature, LLC.? 
Land Literature has many agreements and contracts with distributors which include Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Most distribution is done through Ingram. We have the ability to publish in both hard and digital format. Our agreements and contracts will change from time to time. Prospecting authors should contact us.